Uni-flo2 - the better oxygen cannula 7 ft-Choice Mobility $9.95

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Uni-flo2 - the better oxygen cannula -- 7 ft cannula with soft touch mating PS-1007


Product Description

Uni-flo2 Cannula Systems (4.0 Ft.)



The Uni-flo2 single, soft cannula is used to deliver up to 6 LPM of supplemental oxygen to adults who have a prescription for home oxygen therapy and have received instruction from a trained healthcare professional. The Uni-flo2 cannula can be used in the home, in outpatient, extended care, during transport and in hospital environments.

The Uni-fl2 cannula system represents a complete redesign of the nasal cannula. It is the first cannula designed with the patient in mind. So, it optimizes human use by being safe, secure, tender and unseen. It is more comfortable to wear and use than dual -pronged cannulas and also offers more efficient oxygen delivery so it might even reduce your oxygen bill over time. More specifically, the Uni-flo2...











Cannula Innovation 

Designed for Comfort and Dignity 

The Uni-flo2 Single Nasal Cannula is the first design with the user in mind. Half the weight, half the skin contact, twice as discreet. The Uni-flo2 conforms to all facial contours with a strain relief system that insures continuous oxygen flow and maximum comfort. Designed with patient dignity, comfort and safety in mind. 








  • Reduces the amount of plastic that touches skin, thereby potentially reducing skin irritation by as much as 50%
  • Works perfectly for oxygen delivery and requires no change in current clinical practice.

  • Has a unique, patented, nasal cavity component that enables ease of use and a soft touch connection within the nasal cavity.

  • Provides increased patient comfort

  • Puts less product on the front of your face

  • Masks less of your appearance, so more of your natural look is visible.

  • Stays totally secure while eating or drinking.   
  • Recline Is interchangeable to either nostril, reducing nasal cavity irritation by 50%.

  • Is cosmetically more appealing than the two-prong design, no noising at neck.

  • Stays secure during many indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Contains a Guidance Stabilization System that adjusts to all facial contours.

  • Multiple Strain Relief feature ensures continuous gas flow during day and night time conditions

  • More efficient, professional delivery of oxygen up to 1-6 LPM which can result in a higher patient POX score 

Technical Specifications : 

Physical Dimensions (length)
  • 4 ft. tubing (1.2 m)     Qty. cs: 100
  • 7 ft. tubing (2.1 m)     Qty. cs: 100


  • 4 ft. tubing                  22.7 g (0.8 oz.)
  • 7 ft. tubing                  39.7 g (1.4 oz.)

Oxygen Flow

  • Low flow            1-6 liters per minute)


  • No added phthalates (no added DEHP)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Non-sterile




  • Soft, comfortable single nasal prong
  • Can be placed in either nasal cavity
  • Memory Tube System (MTS) fits to all contours of the face
  • Multiple strain relief points, passive-active 5-point system
  • Single nasal prong delivers same amount of oxygen in half the space
  • Single patient use
  • Fits all equipment connectors, ends in female luer (ISO STD 594)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Nasal Cavity Component with ergonomic design to provide ease of use and Soft Touch Mating (STM) within nasal cavity, a low durometer flexible USP medical grade TPE or synthetic rubber type compound


  • Shelf life       Should not exceed 60 months

Warranty Information

All products produced by UPODS LLC are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one month after packaged is opened.
The Uni-flo2 single nasal cannula is a hygienic product and is not eligible for return once the outside plastic packaging is opened. Should the product arrive damaged, replacements are sent at no cost.
Call 877-989-299 to report damaged products

Product Reviews

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  1. 4 1/2 stars 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 12th 2017

    I have now been using them for a few weeks now. It did not take long to get use to wearing them. They will continue to have a place with what I use. I did have to use a second clip to hold it to my pants pocket when I was dragging 25 or 50 feet of hose around. The clip on the shirt was not enough to pull the extra hose. They also seem to work on one side better than the other side of my face, maybe that’s just me. I try to use without taping them on most of the time, I have had to tape when I am moving my head a lot or when my nose runs they seem to slip out. At home I use medical tape but going out I do use the adhesive patches and they work really well and people have asked how does that stay in your nose? They don’t see the patch. I have also found that they work with my POC and one of the regulators I have for pulse with tanks I use. I would tell people to try them, working at my PC, watching TV or reading they can’t be beat, and they give my mustache a rest (I have a full handlebar). They also work well doing simple chores around my house once I add the clip on my pocket. (the clip I use is from a plastic hanger a dress came on that I cut off). I have also learned not to straighten the wire, after doing it 4 or 5 times it does not seem to hold the bend as well. So, you will need at least 2 so you have both sides covered.

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